About The Defrag

The Defrag explores the intersection of technology, business, politics, and science. We ask hard questions, challenge ideas, and help organise the complex information that's driving our society.

In the early days of computing, a process many will have gone through is defragmentation. Essentially, it's a method of reorganising information on a hard drive, allowing the drive to function more efficiently. And it's this process which has inspired The Defrag.

News has become overwhelmingly fragmented with information delivered across multiple websites, and social platforms, from a range of different sources. Some of these are respected, some not, and it's become increasingly difficult to figure out which sources to trust.

Our goal with The Defrag is to disseminate independent news at the intersection of tech, business, science, and politics. These are the sectors driving our society, and they deserve dedicated coverage. We take a global focus with our stories so that nobody feels left out.

The Defrag is published by Lawson Media Pty Ltd, a media startup based in Melbourne, Australia.